Frequently Asked Questions

We want to ensure that you have a smooth registration process. Here are the answers to the most asked questions we get from new registrants. If there is a question you have that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email

Can I register additional people who did not play with YUMA before?

Yes you can! We welcome everyone to the YUMA vibe!

What payment methods will be accepted for registration?

We accept debit cards at our Mas Camp. Online registration is also available via our website.

Can I make additional payments on my costume package after my deposit?

Yes you can! It can be done online or via the Mas Camp.

Can I get a refund on my costume deposit for any reason?

Deposits and payments made goes towards the ordering of your costume and other items associated with your overall costume package. Your costume is made to your submitted registered details.

Will YUMA compete for band of the year or cross the Savannah stage?

The movement and vibe of our Yumans are most important to us. Whilst there’s always intent to cross all stages, this will be determined by the flow and parade route designated for both Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Can I buy any extra pieces with my costume?

Yes! Upgrades such as headpieces, collars, backpacks etc. are indicated as add-ons when you register. Add-ons are specific to the costume selected, and may require either 50% or full payment upon registration.

What happens if I input inaccurate information into the registration system?

We encourage you to be as accurate as you can, as changes cannot be accommodated. After registration it is not possible to make size/section changes or amendments to the registration information as we begin production ordering and prepping.

Can someone else collect a costume on my behalf?

Yes they can! Please have your representative collect your costume with a signed authorization letter, your YUMA receipt and a copy of a valid ID. We will request a valid ID from your authorized person as well.

I missed my section’s distribution date, what can I do?

You will be able to collect your costume after your designated date. Please note, that your wait time may be longer as the sections scheduled on that date will be given priority.

What is my section line up?

Section line up will be released closer to Carnival Monday, please check our social media platforms and your email for those updates.

Where can I find future updates about the band after registration?

YUMA will contact you directly via emails. However, you can also stay current via our social media platforms. Please email queries to Please note it may take up to 24-48 hours to receive a response, due to the influx of emails we receive.