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Some details before you click REGISTER

Standard Costume Deposit: $2,000 TTD ($315USD)
Hardline Costume Package Deposit: $3,000 TTD ($470USD)

n.b. all feathered add-ons require 50% payment with your deposit upon registration. Balance on this add-on will be due by October 31st, 2022


ALL masqueraders are required to provide the following information at registration:


Bra Size: Our bra size category is grouped as it forms an X to the back. Please select the bra range you see your cup size in eg. 32A/30B, 32B/34A etc.
Underwear Style: Bikini, Thong etc.
Underwear Size: XS, S, M, L etc.
Belt Size: if applicable
Waist Size: if applicable
Add-ons: if applicable


T-shirt: S, M, L etc.
Pants Size: (28-32), (32-34), (34-36), (36-38) etc.
Belt Size: (small) 13"+13", (medium) 15"+15" etc.
Add-ons: if applicable


Chicken, Fish, Veggie


  • Please ensure sizing submitted follows a US chart applicable to bras, pants , t-shirts etc. as our costumes are produced via a US size conversion.
  • An additional cost of $200TTD ($32USD) applies to masqueraders submitting their own bra to be covered and decorated. Own bras will be accommodated in SELECTED SECTIONS.
    Please ensure it is clean, plain, smooth, padded, and free of lace in the colors of nude, tan, white or black.
    Items MUST be submitted by September 01st 2022.
    Items received after this date will be returned undecorated at distribution collection.
  • We accept CASH  or  LINX  at our MAS CAMP
  • There are various styles available, be certain to register for the costume style you desire (upgrades are subject to availability upon registration).
  • Exchange/transfers/switching of sections, style, sizing, or measurements WILL ONLY be facilitated UP UNTIL 06th August, 2022.
  • Sections designed with wire bras are  NOT available in sizes larger than  36D.
  • Additional information can be found on our FAQ's, or you can contact us via


The financial institutions of Trinidad and Tobago control currency exchange rates. We advise that you request details on all processing fees from your bank before completion of your transaction.

Due to numerous instances of attempted fraud, YUMA reserves the right to; refuse registration, request ID from registered masqueraders and/or to contact registered masqueraders for verification purposes at our discretion especially in the attempt to re-sell.